Archer First Aid/CPR Training

Welcome to Archer First Aid/CPR Training

Archer First Aid provides First Aid and CPR training programs that contain the latest protocols that meet provincial regulations.

It is our wish that when you leave from one of our training sessions you will have the knowledge and confidence, to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

At some point in your lifetime there is a good chance that you will be in a situation which will require familiarity with First aid, CPR and AED's. Our training courses are designed to be user friendly so that everyone, regardless of ability, will gain the confidence necessary to act effectively until such time as trained emergency personnel arrive at the scene. It is also are hope that the training will increase your safety awareness.

Seconds count in an emergency situation, so congratulate yourself that you are considering becoming part of a growing number of people who are going to use these skills to make a difference in someone’s life.